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Let’s talk admissions essays.  They very well may be the most important piece you write.  An essay can make or break acceptance into programs and even secure scholarships.  I, personally, was told firsthand that my Dean’s scholarship was a direct result of my admissions essay.

I’m sure you’ve written, scratched out, and adjusted your essay so many times.  Are you certain it’s perfect?  Can you, without a doubt, send it off to the school of your dreams?

If you’re not (or even if you are), a second set of experienced eyes could be crucial to your success.  I will expertly work over your piece.  Not only will I check for errors in grammar and punctuation, but I’ll also examine your content.  I can make sure you come across as the best (and most deserving of acceptance) version of yourself comes across on paper!

I can’t wait to work with you!

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    That’s an apt answer to an ineitesrtng question

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