Interviewing: DEMYSTIFIED

It's happening. Recent college graduates and professionals looking for a change are both on the hunt.  This is the time of year when you have the most competition.  And the hardest time landing interviews.  But what happens when you do? You have to seriously blow the interviewer's socks off. I know it's daunting.  Whether you're interviewing for the first time or choosing to jump back into the process again, interviewing is something that takes skill.  It takes finesse.  But how exactly ... Read More


  After many long years of writing and one even-longer year of editing, I am SO EXCITED to announce the publication of my first book, Cradle The Mass, on Amazon! Cradle the Mass is a book born from both raw introspection and chance.  For years I'd filled journals with no real purpose other than to release the contents of my eyes, head, and heart onto the page.  Before my first poetry class at Lesley, I never really connected with the genre. Besides a few treasured favorites, I ... Read More

So You Need A Home Office…

Not as simple as it sounds, is it? Especially in the city. Square footage is a hot commodity, here, and usually it's swallowed up by the more important things - like the biggest bed you can possibly cram in your room (LOL). But, priorities can change. As many of you know, I've recently began my real estate career.  Last weekend it hit me. Pacing the little 3 by four open space in my bedroom, phone to my ear with the door closed against the Saturday night dining room din, I set my laptop ... Read More

Taking Up Photography?

I've always loved a good picture -  remembering the days of disposable cameras capturing every skinned knee, horseback ride, and poolside popsicle mess... Instagram fed the curiosity.  Starting Cobble Way amplified it.  But my foray into real estate is what really pushed me to take the plunge and purchase a professional camera. I've driven up and down Newbury Street for years.  Walked through the Back Bay and the North End.  Hung out in The Fenway and worked Downtown.  I've admired such ... Read More


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