Hi Everyone! You may remember my Foray Into Real Estate this past January.  After garnering some invaluable experience in the rental and sales market, I've made a huge move. I am now a Realtor with Century 21 Commonwealth! Based out of Davis Square in Somerville, MA, Century 21 is a long-established, client-service oriented, results-driven brokerage.  I am SO proud to be a member of their team! I want to offer my services to followers of Cobble Way. If you are looking to buy or sell in ... Read More

The Tech You Need RIGHT NOW

I've always been totally old fashioned when it comes to reading, writing, organizing documents, and scheduling my time.  Never did I ever think I'd trade my ink and paper for a  touch screen and pseudo-pencil. Enter the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I saw one for the first time in one of my Real Estate Licensing Classes.  Here I was scribbling down notes.  Shuffling papers with ink-stained fingers.  Trying not to groan as BOTH of the highlighters I brought ran out. The guy two desks over ... Read More

3 Essential Teas For A Great Night’s Sleep

Hey Everyone! I don't know about you, but every once in a while I have a hard time falling asleep.  It happens!  Maybe you drank too much coffee, stressing about what's to come tomorrow, or wired after a great workout. Whatever the reason for my sleeplessness, I could probably pop a few Tylenol PMs and be out in 10 minutes.  But I really hate taking pills, and love the more gentle, all natural alternatives like essential oils, soothing music, and guided meditation. Tea, however, is by far ... Read More

How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

Every home can benefit from staging. It's a vital component of preparation for home sellers, makes a space feel appealing to a potential home buyer, and keeps your home looking fabulous. Staging is one of the best aspects of being a real estate agent!  Consulting with clients and creatively making a space look clean, inviting, and appealing to buyers with a range of tastes, is a fun challenge. Staging isn't complicated. It can seem daunting.  Staring at the space you have now and a picture ... Read More


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