How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

Every home can benefit from staging. It's a vital component of preparation for home sellers, makes a space feel appealing to a potential home buyer, and keeps your home looking fabulous. Staging is one of the best aspects of being a real estate agent!  Consulting with clients and creatively making a space look clean, inviting, and appealing to buyers with a range of tastes, is a fun challenge. Staging isn't complicated. It can seem daunting.  Staring at the space you have now and a picture ... Read More

The True Story of How Accutane Saved My Skin

Like many teens and young adults, I struggled with cystic acne for years.   I tried countless topical products, but my acne only got worse. Then I did some research.   So I started guzzling water and lemon, cutting out all carbs and sugar, drinking beauty teas, taking supplements, and shielding myself from sun, wind, and cold.  Honestly, it wasn't a super enjoyable time.  The cycle of trying certain fads and tricks of the trade for a few weeks, seeing no result, and starting totally new ... Read More

How Water is Basically Like Liquid Magic

Everyone tells you to drink five to eight glasses of water a day.  It's healthy, they say.  The hidden benefits are plastered all over the internet. Well, that's what I used to say before I caved under the pressure and the water changed my life.  I learned pretty quickly that these accounts of water's miraculous properties were very real and not just exaggerated old wive's tales.  My body's change inside and out was very real. Now I guzzle those eight bottles down each day like my very ... Read More

How To Practice Yoga At Home Like A PRO

I began my yoga practice in a studio.  I remember it all - rented mat, hands on instructor, and nervous looks in my Mimi's direction. In hindsight, I'm happy I started that way (once I got over the extreme confusion and started recognizing the poses in Sanskrit LOL).  I saw the overwhelming bliss on those faces first hand.  Heard the heartfelt sighs as two dozen women descended into child's pose.  Felt the confidence that came from the instructor's nod of approval as I pushed up into wheel ... Read More


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