Holiday Mindfulness. Kindness, Love, and Reflection.

My cousin told me a story today. She is a professional nanny, and was watching these three adorable little girls last week.  Together, they were wrapping gifts for children in need. When they were finished wrapping, my cousin asked them if they realized how nice this act was.  You'll never guess what this little 4 year old responded. "Well, Christmas is the season of kindness." I think it shocked the both of us.  It shouldn't have, what with all of the giving and quality time with loved ... Read More

Christmas Eve Tradition. From My House To Yours.

It's hard to believe Christmas Eve has come and gone.  Between all of the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and mingling with family and friends, I really procrastinated on most of my baking and cooking. You see, most of my family is Italian / Armenian.  And Christmas Eve is totally our holiday.  It's our best food day of the year: The Feast of the Seven Fishes. I'm not kidding.  Our dinner table has at least seven fish dishes.  Usually more.  Most of the recipes are really time-consuming and ... Read More

Top 3 Christmas Tree Fillers

For the first 16 years of my life, we had a family tradition of cutting down our Christmas trees.  Our whole family would break out the boots, scarves, and mittens, and try out a new tree farm each year.  Our favorite was the huge field of Christmas Trees at Normandy Farms in Foxboro, MA.  With hand saws and hot apple ciders from the little shop in hand, we'd wander the fields for hours searching for perfect, full trees. After moving to a third floor apartment in the city, dealing with the ... Read More

Top 5 Remedies For The Christmas Cold

It never fails.  Every year, I catch a cold right around Christmas time. And the Christmas cold is super common.  Tis the season of joy and merriment - but also crunch time at work, shopping stress, and late night events. So, how do you kick this cold before the 25th? 1. Eucalyptus Pick up a small bottle of Eucalyptus essential oil at your local market.  I've found it in both Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square and TJ Max.  You can also purchase the oil on Amazon to have just in case. ... Read More