4 Top Reasons Why Your Home’s Listing Expired

  The real estate market in the Boston area is absolutely booming right now, that's for sure.  Take Somerville, MA, for example.  Homes are selling on average at around 102-103% of their sale prices.  It's nothing short of fantastic! Yet, there are still sellers who put their homes on the market...and their listings expire.  Especially in highly competitive markets like Somerville, MA, seeing this can be really shocking. So, why is this still happening?  I'm going to give you a ... Read More

The Only iPhone Case You Need RIGHT NOW

  Imagine this:  Your running out quick to drop off something time-sensitive for a client.  You're about to throw on a super fun dress and hit the roof-top bar one last time before summer's end.  Maybe you're heading to the gym. You probably don't even have to imagine it.  In all of these moments, you neither need nor want to pack or carry a bag.  Furthermore, sometimes the outfit is so on-point that adding a bag to the mix would just ruin it. But you know what we always need and ... Read More

Off-Duty Fashion in the In-Between

Let me just start off by saying HELLO AGAIN! August was one hell of a month work-wise -  - and I am THRILLED to be blogging again. I hope everyone enjoyed Labor day and the official end of summer! Now that it's over, it seems like most of the bloggers out there are tumbling boots, sweaters, and PSLs first into Fall... In spirit, I'm right there with them.  I love me some pumpkin carving, caramel apples, and the whole 'cozy aesthetic'. But I'm seriously rebelling with the abrupt turn of ... Read More


Hi Everyone! You may remember my Foray Into Real Estate this past January.  After garnering some invaluable experience in the rental and sales market, I've made a huge move. I am now a Realtor with Century 21 Commonwealth! Based out of Davis Square in Somerville, MA, Century 21 is a long-established, client-service oriented, results-driven brokerage.  I am SO proud to be a member of their team! I want to offer my services to followers of Cobble Way. If you are looking to buy or sell in ... Read More


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