Working On That Summer Bod? You Need This Health & Wellness Tracker!

First of all, aren't these sneakers CUTE?  Loving the look of these Pharrell Williams Addidas sneakers so much right now... and they are available on Amazon in PINK.  PINK ladies.  Click on the picture below if you want to snag yourself a pair of these beauties. Now that we've gotten the cute sneaker talk out of the way.. Let's talk health & wellness! If you're anything like me, you've just realized that your time to focus on sculpting your summer bod has pretty much come and gone. ... Read More

YOU NEED THIS : New Moon Journal By Spirit Daughter

Hi Everyone! As the new moon in Pisces occurs tomorrow, I figured this was a great time to discuss one of my new favorite things! So, let's talk new moons. Each month at the time of the new moon, the moon, sun, and earth are all in line.  It's a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.  It's a time of setting intentions and goals.  It's also a time of transition. Such a significant, repetitive event deserves a certain measure of preparation.  But how does one prepare? How does one ... Read More

The Crackers That Will Make Your Diet Goals Come True

I feel like I've been hearing Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talk about GG crackers for at least a year.  I pretty much live for all of her recommendations, so I can only blame pure laziness for not hunting these crackers down and trying them sooner. Here’s the lowdown on the crackers. So far I’ve found these crackers, “GG Scandinavian Crispbread”, sold in single packages at Wholefoods and in bulk on Amazon.  I’ve linked the option from Amazon in this article because it is definitely ... Read More

SNOW DAY 3/13/18

Hi Everyone! Had a little snowball snow day fun today!   Well, it was all fun and games until snow fell down my shirt LOL. CLICK THE PICTURE TO SHOP THE LOOK NorthFace Jacket Hat Lipstick ... Read More


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